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Why Do Multi-Unit Brands Have Trouble Tracking Local Marketing Activity? Here are 4 Must-Know Solutions.

Achieving the right balance between franchisor oversight and franchisee autonomy is pivotal. Ensuring franchisees have the autonomy to engage in effective LSM and providing a solution so they can be transparent with their activities can foster trust, efficiency, and ultimately better business decisions.

Enter LOMA: Streamlining LSM Execution and Oversight

LOMA's platform emerges as an ideal solution to address these challenges:

  • Enhanced Tracking: LOMA offers franchisors a user-centric experience, allowing franchisees to promptly submit LSM initiatives, and fostering responsibility.
  • Comprehensive Oversight: With LOMA's dashboard, franchisors can gain insights into LSM activities, assessing them individually or in a consolidated view.
  • Encouraging Transparency: With full transparency into LSM spending, franchisors are in a position to make informed decisions. This transparency not only assists in refining strategies but also determines areas needing added support. It is this transparency that is the cornerstone of making better business decisions.
  • LSM Execution: LOMA can undertake and roll out an annual LSM blueprint for those franchisees who may lack the resources or feel overwhelmed by LSM requirements.

When franchisors have a clear view of the LSM activities and spending across their brand, it instills a sense of confidence. Transparency not only leads to better oversight but also aids in making business decisions that align with the brand's goals and the individual needs of each franchisee.

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